Diana Pinto

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Some time ago I found myself in a very dark and unforgiving place. I had lost drive, purpose, interest and sadly, myself along the process. I turned to faith as an anchor but it wasn’t enough, realizing that my demons continued to haunt me on a daily basis. As an analytical human being, I wanted answers, tools, and direction.

I needed to do the work. I was welcomed with open arms into Osmara’s Butterfly Club, where I immediately felt a sense of belonging and safety. During my first month of working with her, two things were revealed that would be essential in my unleashing: support & accountability. It felt like milk and honey in a world full of ashes. These two powerful words would propel me from autopilot to a place of introspection, awareness, and growth.

Osmara’s learning material is carefully crafted to nurture the soul, increase awareness, and serve as a guide to one’s ultimate unleashing.

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