Beating Cancer & Thriving Via Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Akemi Korahais

Akemi overcame ovarian cancer at the age of 22 through a combination of surgery and Chinese medicine and since then has dedicated the past 12 years of her life to learn everything she can to facilitate healing for her patients.

In this Conscious Conversation, we’ll be exploring how to overcome dis-ease and imbalances in the body via Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. Akemi is a licensed doctor of oriental medicine and practices acupuncture and functional medicine with a soulful twist.


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  • “So, that was when I first saw the word cancer and my name together because I had requested the results be faxed to me directly and I actually got the results when I was at the clinic at the college I was in. I was observing patients and I looked at this piece of paper and it said, at the time my name was Akemi Borjas, it said: Akemi Borjas, Ovarian Cancer.”
  • “With Chinese medicine one of the things I love about it is people get things from the perspective of there’s the root cause of the problem and then there are the branches. You know, so you can do a branch treatment. A branch can be like a result of a problem.

So, the cancer is the manifestation, for me it was a manifestation, a root problem – something had gone wrong and it just showed up as cancer. Or, most often is headaches is a prime example of a manifestation of something else that is going on more deeply.”

  • “We came up with a diagnosis, you know this is what’s going on in my body and these are things that we need to get in balance so that the body starts to repair itself because that’s what the body is designed to do. It’s an incredible, elegant, brilliant system.

One of the other things that I love about Chinese medicine is that they would never separate the emotional component from the physical – it’s just not possible. It’s woven into the medicine so when we say we treat the liver, we are treating the liver for both physical, energetic, and emotional component.

So, that whole journey for me was managing the emotions that had got stuck and I was a master of, you know, emotional repression because I did go through a lot of trauma as a child and that I think really was one of the things that triggered that response that created the cancer.”

  • “Also for me, the practice of realizing that death isn’t the end because I’ve come face to face with my own mortality and my own suffering and also overcoming the impulsive thinking.

What I wanted to go to was, my body betrayed me and my body is bad … being very angry at my body and I had to transmit that and learn how to love myself and my cells because I did really struggle with the, you know, “Oh my god, my body is trying to kill me.

  • “This experience just forced me to choose to surrender, to choose to trust the people around me that I was going to be taken care of, that I was capable of completing my graduate program, that I would be capable of having a clinical practice and help people, that I could heal myself, that there was purpose and meaning to this suffering. It really was a situation that triggered the metamorphosis, I think.”
  • “Chi energy can be… it’s very complicated because you know it’s hard to define and we can use the word energy and we can throw the word energy around, but what does that really mean?

That’s one of the things that I am slightly blessed and cursed with a very analytical brain and I remember going … at my college we were learning all these amazing things, there’s these new paradigms that are blowing my mind and I remember learning new things every day at that college … this energy flows here and it goes from one organ to one organ and from one meridian to the other.

Your energy moves throughout your entire body in a 24 hour period. If you have a blockage or stagnation in a particular area that can effect something on another part of the body.”

  • “Emotions should flow and my husband is known for saying that the only bad emotion is a stuck emotion. It’s a natural part of our process and even biochemically, if we just feel our feelings and are able to go through it, these feelings don’t get stuck in our body and don’t cause problems for us.”


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