The Different Facets of Addiction with Lisa Dion

In this Conscious Conversation, we will be exploring the different facets of addiction with Lisa Dion. Lisa is a highly sought after international teacher, consultant and entrepreneur. Her training and understanding of how the mind and a person’s biology drive human behavior allows her to offer a unique perspective on how to maximize your potential and develop a greater appreciation for yourself and the people in your life.

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  • “An addiction is a strategy that gives a person permission to try to live according their highest values.”
  • “There’s so much judgement and there are so many opinions about an addiction, most of them being negative opinions that I thought that it would be important for us to explore what they really are and really the brilliance of them and really self-reflect and look at the wisdom of addiction.”
  • “Anything that we are doing a lot of we might actually think of putting the word addiction attached to it. And, what I have found is that often times when we are engaging in those behaviours it’s actually in those moments we give ourselves permission to do what we love. When we’re not engaging in those, often times we have fears and we have things that are happening to us internally that are not … that are really blocking us from stepping forward, doing what we love, engaging in what we might call our highest values.

    What I see is that the addiction is a strategy … when we are engaged in that activity we give ourselves permission to attempt to do the things that are most meaningful to us.”

  • “I have found repeatedly with my clients that are engaging in addictive behaviors is that when they are engaging in that behavior, when we start looking deeper, asking the questions: what are you getting out of this, how is it serving you, how is this benefiting you?

    What we start to uncover is that it really is a strategy to help them, I’m even going to use different language, help them sync up … help them sync up, sync up to their authentic self.”

  • “So, when I think about … if I’ve had a challenging experience in my life and I haven’t figured out how to integrate the perceived pain of that experience and therefore I engage in an addictive strategy to avoid the pain or to help me deal with the pain.

    Culture, in general, tends to look at that as dysfunction and tends to look at that as a bad thing, but from my perspective, that is health happening. That is the mind and the body very brilliantly doing what it perceives it needs to do to handle whatever it was that was experienced until the individual is able to come up with another strategy to be able to integrate whatever it was that they perceived.”

  • “I think it’s really important to look at the feedback of the body, to look at what is happening in the body.

    Are we having higher levels of everything from what may seem like illness and disease surfacing to symptoms of the body wanting to shut down and numb down to symptoms in the body of feeling more hyper-aroused, anxious or manic or overly agitated or excited.

    All of those are feedback mechanisms in the nervous system that are pointing to, we’re not doing something in the moment that is feeling deeply, deeply inspiring and congruent because when we are having a moment of feeling deeply, deeply authentic, inspired and connected those are not the symptoms that get displayed in the body. The symptoms that get displayed in the body are a sense of poise and a sense of deep grounding in the body, heart opening, a sense of clarity and vibrancy that fills the body. Not symptoms of what I would call dysregulation of the nervous system.”

  • “For me, how it showed up, was being addicted to the addict. So, I have found myself in relationships over my life, whether it was with my parents and their processes or relationships beyond that, romantic relationships and I had developed a pattern of finding the person that was engaging in an addictive pattern. So, my addiction was actually my codependency and my addiction to wanting to help the addict.”
  • “So, I’m always going to have a strategy to help me live the most fulfilling life that I can, but I think the difference is that the more authentic and meaning and inspiration that I have in my life, I’m now going to have a higher probability of employing strategies that I am consciously creating and strategically planning to help me on that path versus defaulting to strategies that are more addictive meaning there’s more pleasure, pain, avoidance, those types of cycles to help me out.”
  • “If the mind can’t figure out another way to achieve the same outcome, it’s going to keep defaulting to its current strategy. If alcohol or social media or the relationship or eating a lot … whatever it is … is the current strategy, they’ll keep defaulting to that.”
  • “When we feel really deeply fulfilled and connected and it’s not just connected to life, I just go back to the body, also we feel connected to ourselves in our physical body as well. There’s not a lot of need to escape that or to try to find alternative strategies to create a meaningful life because you are already in the meaningful life.

    You’re already there and the more that we can embrace that and honestly announce to the world, this is me, this is me, this is what I stand for and be willing to, to take on the challenges and to face the fears that go along with that … I do think that these strategies that we employ, diminish drastically over time.”

  • “The more we can help our kids access what they love and the more we can help our kids develop a relationship and connection with their bodies so they can begin to understand the feedback that they will be getting along the way throughout their journey.

    The combination of those two things are probably two of the most important things that we can offer our kids on their life path to help them discover what’s most meaningful for them, whether we agree with it or not.”

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