The Meaning of Disease with Dr. Kim Jobst

In this Conscious Conversation, we will be exploring the meaning of disease with Dr. Kim Jobst. Dr. Jobst is an award-winning physician and a consultant in integrated medicine dedicated to integration in science, healing, and holistic healthcare.

He was invited by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama to discuss global health and mental wellbeing for mankind in 1991 and in 2013 was presented with a lifetime achievement award for his services to integrated medicine by Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

His mission is to establish and use the science of meaning to serve as a healer of people and nations. Dr. Jobst now co-directs his own private healthcare practice, Functional Shift Consulting in London, UK.

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  • “Disease and health may both be seen as facets of healthy functioning, each necessary for the other, each giving rise to the other. Disease may be thought of as a manifestation of health. It is the healthy response of an organism striving to maintain physical, psychologic and spiritual equilibrium.”
  • “As I went through the whole process it just became more and more evident to me that disease was the result of a certain set of conditions, what we call disease, but those conditions arose in very specific and defined ways and their pathway to healing was inherent in them, first of all and secondly, if one approached them with that mindset they could actually lead to healing without necessarily using toxic drugs or interventions first of all and secondly the people would be more of who they are.

    It was clear to me that disease was serving the evolution of a human being and in that context it has meaning, but what’s critical to the whole way of thinking is that meaning is unique to each person.”

  • “Right now in pursuing the work that I do, every case, every person, every patient, every encounter brings to the floor again that what is happening is happening for a reason. That reason is unique for that person and that, that reason and uniqueness is all about them becoming who they really are — more of who they really are. That it has meaning and that meaning is unique to them.”
  • “Epigenetics is about the fact that we can influence in an inheritable way our genetic makeup in real time, right now. So, when I was at school we were taught that your genes are your genes and you can get mutations, but you can’t really affect your genetic profile in your lifetime. You are born with a certain set of genetic characteristics and that’s what you pass on with or without mutations along the way. We get mutability and variation because we marry other people and reproduce with a different, outside of our own immediate gene pool.”
  • “What is so amazing in the context of thinking of disease as health is realizing that those unique profiles exist to serve somebody to fulfill their highest potential.”
  • “I often say, it’s one of the great paradoxes, we can’t see without a blindspot. Structurally we can’t see without a blindspot. We have a blind spot where the optic nerve goes through back of the eye through the retina and where it goes through the retina there are no cells that can pick up the light and be translated into sight. We actually have to have a blind spot in order to see. In order to deal with the blind spot, we need mirrors and in our life there are many, many, many mirrors.”
  • “Every human being, without exception, has a purpose that is their own. It doesn’t have to be grandiose and huge and global and life-changing so called, not at all, but each person has that and it’s unique to them.

    When we can discover what that is and we can open the fact that it is true for them, then whatever is happening, whatever the challenge is that is happening, is invariably seen to be supporting that — to opening the way to that, to assisting them in that. Even though it may be incredibly painful and what is so interesting is that every single time there is a sense of connection. I can sense a connection with that divine purpose.”

  • “By spiritual I mean, that of which has meaning.”
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