Overcoming Chronic Health Challenges with Dave Hompes

In this Conscious Conversation, we’ll be exploring how to overcome chronic health challenges with functional medicine and the Hompes Method with Dave Hompes. Dave is a researcher, educator, and clinician in the fields of nutrition, functional medicine and human behavior.

His mission is to provide balanced information to empower people to rejuvenate and optimize their health, wellness, and performance. Dave’s Hompes Method synthesizes clinical nutrition, functional medicine, genomics and the intricate interplay between mind and body to deeply investigate reasons why wellness has declined.

Visit him: https://www.davehompes.com/


  • “Symptoms are like warning lights on a dashboard, they light up to alert you to the fact that something in your car needs attention. Like the dashboard lights, symptoms are merely signals from your body alerting you to the fact that something is wrong and as such, symptoms should be blessed for they are your early warning mechanisms that are simply alerting you to problems before they become serious.”
  • “They have a whole cluster of those symptoms; it’s not just one area, it’s many different areas. Some of our clients list 15 or 18 different unique symptoms that they are experiencing and their is no medical term that explains those patterns. It’s very difficult for doctors because they’re not trained to look at things in a kind of global or holistic fashion. They’re trained to find something very specific that is “wrong” and then hang a label on the person that has that specific problem. These clusters of symptoms tend to be given names that end in ‘syndrome’: irritable bowel symptom, premenstrual syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia syndrome.”
  • “There’s a pill, potion, and lotion for every commotion, but the fact is that we need to get to the underlying reasons for those symptoms which often times are just fundamental imbalances in the body. Too much bad stuff in the body that shouldn’t be there, not enough good stuff that should be there. Let’s rebalance that seesaw if you’d like and all those chronic symptoms start to improve and move away.”
  • “We have a fundamental challenge here in that because so many people are walking around with these clusters of symptoms, they ignore them because so many other people have them and then they believe that it’s normal for them to feel that way. I think that many people just don’t realize how good they could feel and that’s a challenge.”
  • “Typically what happens is you go to the doctor and they say there’s nothing wrong here and they tell you to take the meds, you take the meds, the specific symptoms go away that the medications help to deal with and you think it’s great.

    3, 6, 12 months later you develop another symptom and you go back to the doctor. So, your body is always trying to give you the signal. You suppressed one symptom, it gives you another one, you suppress it again, it gives you another one and it will keep building the symptomatology until it’s literally yelling at you.”

  • “The strengths of the medical system are very, very high techniques of diagnosing early to prevent disease and then to treat a nasty disease once it’s developed and to save your life in an acute situation, an emergency.
  • Functional medicine, which is where I work, is more about helping people deal with chronic issues that have developed over time and rather them try to be at each other’s throats and say that one is right and one is wrong, those two approaches should be synthesized so that people get the best of both worlds.”
  • “A gastroenterologist will look at the gut, but will not consider that the gut really is a window or a doorway into the rest of the body. It’s where you absorb nutrients from your food into your body and it’s where you block toxins and undesirable compounds — you poop them out. So, if you have a problem with that system and you’re allowing some of these obnoxious compounds to get into the body and you’re not absorbing the nutrients that you need, you can develop a problem anywhere and everywhere in the body as a result of an issue in the gut.”
  • “So if we can optimize the environment the genes have the best opportunity to express themselves in a way that provides optimal wellness and performance, rather than illness and disease. So, if we can control the environment by making healthy choices we can keep ourselves healthy and we can get ourselves well again no matter where we are on that Vitality Scale.”
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